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September 24, 2019


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We released Flexbid on Chartboost?s dashboard a few months ago and many of our advertisers using it have achieved greater success across their UA campaigns. Flexbid enables advertisers to execute granular bidding strategies across the Chartboost network by setting multiplier values based on key bid dimensions including by; publisher, country, OS and devices.?For advertisers who are currently utilizing Flexbid, the next step to achieve more scale and increased performance is to integrate into our proprietary Flexbid API. Below you?ll find further details and explanation of the additional bid dimensions available to you, ways to continue to save time and resources, as well as how to get the integration started.

Four new bid dimensions

By integrating the Flexbid API you?ll unlock four new bid dimensions in addition to what is currently available on the Chartboost dashboard:

  • ?device_app_impression_recent? ? bid by the first, second or n(th) impression the user has seen on the app
  • ?device_app_recent? ? ?bid by the first, second or n(th) impression the user has seen on his/her device
  • "language"? bid by device language setting
  • "is_rewarded"? bid by is a rewarded impression or not

To be able to bid on the above bid dimensions will require you to have some data points on each to know where you?re most high-quality users are, and what value the combination of bid dimensions can provide you.

Automate the bidding process?

Our Flexbid API will help you build an automated solution on Chartboost. The API can be connected to your internal BI and Analytics services and/or dashboards. You can automate processes which include increasing or decreasing multipliers with a highly data-driven approach.?Imagine running a campaign with multiple country targets as well as multiple OS targets and several of these targets don?t seem to perform as expected. With an integration via the API, your UA team will be able to catch this underperforming target almost in real-time and apply the necessary changes to meet your ROAS goals.Advertisers who have integrated the Flexbid API are performing daily optimizations. The amount of time and resources saved is significant. Not to mention the level of scale you can reach, which is very difficult if you were doing it manually. This is key to scale as we?ve seen with early adopters of Flexbid such as Tactile who have increased ad spend by 70% using the Flexbid API. A few endpoints you?ll be able to set with the Flexbid API are:?

  • Retrieve all Flexbid setup connected to your company?
  • Create or update a Flexbid campaign
  • Find a Flexbid campaign by ID
  • Delete a Flexbid campaign

Get started with Flexbid API

To get started our team will provide your engineering teams with the necessary API documentation. It will include all the required parameters as well as the optional parameters that we support.? GET and POST requests are accepted so the API will be used for both setting up your Flexbid campaigns as well as retrieving your Flexbid data. If you run into any issues , our support team will be here to help you.It?s important to understand that the API can only deliver and offer as much as your engineering team can implement and optimize for you. The implementation is as easy as modifying a .json file on a text editor and send a POST request to our API?s endpoint.If you?re interested in integrating Chartboost Flexbid API, reach out to your account manager today or contact us at demand@chartboost.com. Related Links:?