Preparing for iOS 14 - Publishers Checklist



February 18, 2021


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With Apples privacy changes around the corner, now is a critical moment for publishers to start preparing and take action to keep ad monetization strong.

1. Update to the latest Chartboost iOS SDK 8.4+ and SKAdNetwork IDs in your info.plist.

  • Publishers must ensure info.plist is updated with the latest SKAdNetwork IDs (in lowercase) every time you update SDKs. SKAdNetwork IDs are needed in order for our demand partners to keep buying. As we add new demand partners to Chartboost Exchange to improve our publishers ad monetization, there will also be new SKAdNetwork IDs that must be updated.
Update iOS SDK
Update SKAdNetwork IDs

2. Be more flexible with your SDK schedules and updates!

  • Apple is constantly updating their specifications and documentation which might require more frequent iOS SDK updates. Apples recent update for iOS 14.5 includes support for view-through ads attribution which will be included in our next iOS SDK release.
  • Help push your mediation platform to quickly support Chartboosts latest iOS SDK releases and that they update their documentation accordingly.

3. Optimize your waterfall pricing

  • We are seeing new buying strategies on iOS between IDFA and non-IDFA traffic from our demand partners. Work with your account managers on line item pricing on iOS 14 and adjust your pricing to optimize for maximum fill.

4. Enable ad monetization on all platforms including Google Play and Amazon

  • Increase competition on Google Play and Amazon by adding Chartboost as an additional ad monetization partner. Chartboost is one of the few ad network partners that provide strong publisher revenue on Amazon.
Chartboost is one of two companies who are responsible for most of our ad revenue on Amazon, so the partnership with them is really important to us. Peter Williamson, CEO of AppyNation

5. Test new ad formats to diversify your ad monetization

  • Besides rewarded and interstitial, Chartboost added the support for banner ads last year. In the past six months, our banner impressions have grown over 200%!
About 10% extra banner revenue has been generated since we started using Chartboost banner demand. Nihat Albayrak, Growth Director at Rollic

6. Start testing in-app bidding solutions like Helium

  • Competition: Enabling a unified auction of your iOS 14 inventory will allow our bidding partners to bid in real-time and create more competition for your impressions, ultimately driving higher CPMs.
  • Automation: Your impression will be auctioned out to the highest bidder between real-time bids and waterfall bids without you needing to do any manual line item optimizations. This is especially helpful as CPMs on IDFA traffic versus non-IDFA traffic are expected to be impacted.

Work closely with us at Chartboost to ensure that you are staying up-to-date with the changes from Apple on iOS 14. Reach out to your account manager with any questions!Other publisher iOS 14 resources: