Talefun increased ARPDAU by 20% with Chartboost Mediation

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April 8, 2020


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Talefun is a mobile casual game publisher with over 100 million downloads. Founded in 2012 in Beijing, China, their games are top-ranked and available in more than 50 countries.


Talefun spent a lot of resources on daily manual waterfall optimizations. They wanted full control over their mediation and had, therefore, built an in-house programmatic mediation solution and searched for more diversified real-time bidding demand to increase performance.


Talefun stayed up-to-date on the trends of in-app bidding in the mobile advertising market and was interested in Chartboost Mediation in-app unified auction prior to launch. They were in close communication with the Chartboost team who shared their knowledge on how they could diversify their demand by integrating Chartboost Mediation into their current in-house mediation setup.Being interested in Chartboost's unique demand, Talefun became one of the first customers to adopt Chartboost Mediation. Two criteria determined which in-app bidding solution to adopt: SDK stability and revenue increase.As the publisher went live with testing Chartboost Mediation, they created two campaign ids in their in-house mediation with the same group of users. One campaign was set up with bidding from Chartboost Mediation only while the other campaign was set up with their old waterfall monetization methods.

"To select the right partner, we had two criteria that were the most important to us; SDK stability and revenue increase. Chartboost Mediation did both."- Mr. Yang, Senior Monetization Manager


Talefun has been live on Chartboost Mediation for six months and has increased ARPDAU by 20% from Chartboost alone. The publisher immediately experienced the benefits of running a unified auction where all the demand partners bid in real-time and in parallel driving better yield with no maintenance work.As a trusted partner of the publisher, they handed over any optimization work to the Chartboost team, resulting in an increase in revenue coupled with noticeable savings of time and manpower. The publisher is now live with Chartboost Mediation across all of their major games.

"Real-time bidding will definitely make a big difference, the value of each ad impression will be more transparent, which will greatly save operating costs. Developers can invest more time and energy in developing high-quality game content."- Mr. Yang, Senior Monetization Manager

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