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Chartboost Mediation is a developer-first platform that increases revenue with unbiased transparency. This form of intelligent mediation provides mobile gaming publishers access to more than 33 of the premier demand sources in the industry. Auction requests are sent to every network for real-time bidding, and the highest-paying qualifying bid wins. The result: maximum CPM and fill rate for your ad inventory. Chartboost Mediation does it all without requiring you to relinquish control over your user experience.

Why Helium

A technology-first approach to mediation solution

Chartboost Demand

Get access to direct programmatic demand and 33+ demand sources

One-click A/B testing

Find the best setup of line items and demand sources to maximize your revenue

Inventory value data

See bid distribution by winning bids and shown impressions to adjust line items

Most lightweight SDK

Helium SDK is less than 340 KB in size with clear documentation for a quick integration

No hidden fees

No black box. No hidden fees. Demand partners are able to bid unrestricted

Dedicated team

Our dedicated Helium team is here to support you from integration to increasing your revenue

Greater competition breeds higher eCPMs

The unified auction powers it all. Real-time bidding on your ad inventory stokes competition from the best demand sources. This is the next big efficiency.

You are always in control

We give you full power over the parameters of your mediation program. You drive real-time optimizations, you ensure the best ad for any user fills every ad slot.

No more black boxes

What good is performance without trust and transparency? We have eliminated opaque operations by creating a fair ecosystem with unbiased logic that drives the unified auction to provide visibility into what, how, and why a specific bid won.

Access premier demand sources

Tap into the best demand sources: the highest-value, lowest-churn, most-engaged users on the planet — all through one SDK.

Exchange Partners

Bidding & Mediation Partners

The latest, most innovative ad formats

Every audience is different. With Chartboost Mediation, you can engage your audience with the ideal user experience through proven or emerging ad formats.

Customer Stories

Magmic’s Revenue Increased with Multiple-Line Items

"We appreciate the fast and helpful communication with the Chartboost team, where it’s remarkably nice to get a response in only a few minutes! Every minute matters in our industry to earn more revenue."

Tyler Menard, Ad Monetization Manager


Customer Stories

Zynga captures 80% ARPDAU gain from new ad mediation platform

"Chartboost Mediation has outpaced our expectations with its accelerated release cadence, dedicated integration support of top demand sources and ad formats, and intuitive operations and analytics,” said Koenigsberg. “Chartboost Mediation is positioned to be a force in the market and we’re excited for what’s to come"



Customer Stories

Talefun increased ARPDAU by 20% with Chartboost Mediation

“To select the right partner, we had two criteria that were the most important to us; SDK stability and revenue increase. Chartboost Mediation did both.“

Mr. Yang, Senior Monetization Manager


Customer Stories

Dynamic Games Increased ARPDAU by 10% and Saved 4-6 Hours a Week with Chartboost Mediation

“Helium’s technical integration is very straightforward and we’ve seen a 10% increase in ARPDAU after only one month of testing. We also saved 4-6 hours per week from manually updating the waterfall.”

Alexander Kuzub, CTO


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